Controls Engineer

Condux International is the premier manufacturer of underground and overhead cable installation tools and equipment for the telecom and electric power industries.  Condux machines allow safe, quick and easy installation of fiber optic and power cables. 


Condux manufactures almost everything an installer needs to put fiber optic cable or copper cable in the ground or up a pole. With everything from fiber optic blowers to diesel powered underground bull-wheel cable pullers.  Condux International has been manufacturing cable installation tools and equipment for over 30 years, working directly with the electrical contracting, electrical utility, and telecom industries.  Headquarters is in Mankato, MN with world-wide sales.


New developments are underway for advanced control of our equipment including wireless communication between the various pieces of equipment on the jobsite.  These developments including conduit mapping with utilization of an inertial measurement unit.


Condux is searching for Controls Engineer to support these efforts.  The position includes involvement with:


PLC’s / IO’s / GUI

Various sensors and controllers

Wired and wireless communications

CAN bus

Android Apps


Proprietary code and software

Java/C++ programming


Imbedded controls


Control algorithms




Required Qualifications:


·         Associate or Bachelor of Science degree from an ABET accredited institution.