WDR505 Cable Puller

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Closed hydraulic circuit for stepless speed variation in both rotating directions.

Negative self-acting hydraulic brake.

Hydraulic dynamometer with set-point and automatic control of maximum pull.

Hydraulic oil cooling system.

Noise reduction protection.



Super-hard surface rollers

Dynamometer integrated in the puller

automatic pay-in and out offers more operator safety

Rotating arm pivots 15 degrees in either direction

Smooth pull operation

Self contained trailer reduces noise

Easy access diesel engine for maintenance

Low center of gravity

Excellent F/R weight distribution

WDR505 Cable Puller



The Condux WDR505 Hydraulic Underground Cable Pulling Trailer provides up to 9,000 lbs. of continuous pulling power to tackle the toughest underground pulling applications.

Designed for installing underground cable, the WDR505 is completely self contained and transports easily from jobsite to jobsite. Industry leading features like anti-twist rope and modular extension arms make the WDR505 the most advanced puller on the market today. An advanced electronic information system is also available for monitoring and documenting vital pulling functions.

The WDR505 is precision manufactured to the highest standards. Each puller is backed with years of underground cable pulling experience and a commitment to quality customer service.



What's in the box?

    Trailer comes standard with Torsion axle, electric

    brakes and electric breakaway kit, pintle eye, safety chains, job box and light kit.

    Built-in reel winder with automatic level wind.


    13 3⁄4" Bullwheels.


Part Number



WDR505 Underground Pulling Trailer


WDR505 Underground Pulling Trailer with Electronic Control Box


WDR505 Underground Pulling Trailer with Electronic Control Box and Remote


WDR505 Underground Pulling Trailer with Remote

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